Thursday, August 26, 2010

Me'0w Families: part 1

when we mention what or who do we love other than family, my answer will be PETS,. I love to take care furry pets especially cats or hamsters. But much prefer cats la. My first time keeping a cat when I was in childhood and I don't think I can remember when the exact time.,.(short term memory lost kowt) haha. 

Well, that was long time ago's story. In present I would love to introduce u guys my latest pets. I got 3 kitties families. This 2 families got birth from a mom but in a different time of birth.(O.o") Still keeping all of them and they r already have family and their own children oke,. That's mean I am now a Grandma?? haha, it sounds like I already half a century years old. So hilarious seyh. ^.^ Enough2. Down here I just show u a part of it. I will upload more next time oke..

"Cimie's 1st Family"






Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Butterflies Dancing in My Stomach

I always like this, every time I want to start something new, like want to try this blogging thing I started to feels like something in my stomach and my head kinda spinning around and around and around(so much 'around' la)..O.o"..huahuahua. But people says it is the symptoms when human getting nervous. So so nervous. But I still want to try it. beside that, somebody challenge me whether I dare to do this thing all on my own or I still need helps by others. So, I accept it even though its really though for me....haha.

Well, enough about that.

Ermm,..for your info, this is my 1st blog post. So, it might be a little bit boring. But I will try and try to make my future posts interesting for you guys. If there something missing or I do mistake anywhere, please don't keep it to yourself oke. Just correct me if i'm wrong or even if you want to critic anything about what i have posted here, I will accept it gladly and openly and I will do my best to upgrading what is missing, correcting what is wrong, and changing what is not suppose to be post in every upcoming posts ahead..^.^v